Social & Community Participation

Are you an NDIS participant looking to expand your social network and be involved in community programmes, activities and projects with the right support in place?

BCA offers social and community participation services that are tailored to your needs and preferences.

Short Term Accommodation(Respite)

Do you need a break from your usual support? Would you like to live out of home for a short period of time or are you in need of emergency accommodation?

Better Care Australia (BCA) provides fully catered for respite services to NDIS participants.

Medium Term Accommodation(MTA)

Has your long-term accommodation been confirmed but your support is still pending? Are you waiting for your home modifications or SDA to be ready?

Better Care Australia (BCA) provides medium term accommodation where your needs will be met as you while you wait for your long-term accommodation to be secured.

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

Are you looking to live independently in your own home? Do you require support while completing your daily tasks? Would you like to build your independent skills while having the right supports in place?

Better Care Australia (BCA) provides supported independent living services to NDIS participants where we work with you, your family, representatives and your allied health team to explore the best way of supporting you.

Individualized Living Option

Would you like to explore different ways to live? Are you looking for a housemate? Do you wish to design your supports however you choose to?

Better Care Australia (BCA) provides ILO service where we will support you make decisions about where you want to live, how your support should be set and help you build your independence.

In-Home Support

Do you already have accommodation but looking for supports? Are you looking to change your current supports but retain your accommodation?

Better Care Australia (BCA) assists NDIS participants who live independently in their own homes by providing supports, transport assistance to attend medical appointments, complete daily tasks such as shopping, cooking and personal care.

Transport Assistance

Are you in need of assistance to attend appointments? Do you require accessible vehicle to move around?

Better Care Australia provides easy access to the community through our transport assistance service to NDIS participants.

Coaching & Mentoring

More information about this services will be available soon